My beloved companion, Shelley – named after the one and only Sheldon Cooper.

Persian Cross, 2+ years old, Vocal / Whiny, Attention seeker, Playful

shelley playing with her clip

One of my fav shots of her playing with her clip

Ways to take a picture of a cat

Those of you who have a cat probably knows how difficult it can be to take a nice shot of them! It doesn’t have to be – here are some tactics of mine.

  1. Anticipate – Observe her patterns, be ready when you know she’s about to topple over and ask for a belly rub.
  2. Preparation – Set-up your camera in a suitable spot – good lighting, use a remote control!
  3. Lure – Use his / her favourite toy. I haven’t tried with catnip, but it’s supposed to work
  4. Reward – Give your cat a treat after the photo shoot 🙂

When all else fails, shadow his/her every move with your camera at ready and shoot away! But beware – most cats don’t like being followed around non-stop!


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